Family Psychology

Family Psychology, whether it is geared toward a child or an adult, is helpful for the whole family. Mehry Lundquist is a psychologist in Huntington Beach who is experienced in working with those in all ages and stages of development.

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Adults often struggle with a wide range of issues as they grow older, often dealing with subjects like anxiety, work related stress, relationship problems, parenting strategies, depression, and sometimes a lack of focus. We know just how debilitating these issues can be without the proper counseling from a professional, certified psychologist. Together we will be able to develop strategies to work though the issues, and schedule activities for you to do while you’re not in therapy to help you progress at a more appropriate pace. We will utilize a variety of different therapeutic approaches based on your own specific goals and established time frame. It is important that you understand your unproductive or destructive patterns of behavior in order for you to make the most of your psychiatric experience, and this is not only takes a commitment from yourself, but also the psychologist that you are working together with.

Child Psychologists help children who have behavioral or mental disorders, in addition to ones who have gone through particularly traumatic events, which may include a death in the family or an automobile accident. What these professionals do is apply their in-depth understandings of behavior and emotions to observe a child’s interactions and patterns as a means to assess and interpret precisely why a child is acting a specific way so that it is possible to enable a child to cope with his or her problems. Such problems may be psychological (for instance: depression) or personal, which could stem from troubling past experiences or from a present family issues like development problems or the absence of a parent. These are just examples of a seemingly endless number of factors that could be affecting your child’s psychology. We are uniquely equipped to help with childhood-specific issues as well as to help children understand their own psychology better, so that they are more able to experience and start to provide their own healthy growth and development.

At Lundquist Family Psychology, we can help all, from children to adults.